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I got my first Papillon when I was 7 years old. Her name is CH Calpap Bright Sky O Tara. I am the only one who has shown Tara and I got her title last year. I have bred 2 litters under mums prefix so far and am showing a daughter Calpap HRH Queen Susan, who I brat mum with most of the time. I kept a litter brother Calpap HRH Prince Caspian but he is only 8 ½ inches and because a lot of judges prefer the males to be a bit bigger I haven’t done as well as I would have like with him so he is at home with his grandfather.
When Mum had a litter with her Lucy the last born was a girl and I said I want her and I am going to call her Gypsy, so mum got permission to have her in my name and we called her Calpap Gypsy Rose Lee. I am hoping to be able to breed with gypsy this year and with any luck keep a puppy from her. 
I can’t wait till I am 18 and can have my own prefix so I don’t have to breed under mums and then people will know for sure that all the paps I show are ones I not only own but have also bred.
I got to go to the Hobart Royal 2009 and had a ball meeting people that knew me when I was little and new people as well. I got to show an Italian Greyhound and Chinese Crested as well which was heaps of fun. The photo at the top of the page is of me with Susan and Caspian in Tassie last year.
My friend Dean Freshwater and Margaret Withers have sent me the wonderful Ninja.  Ninja sleeps with me in my bed and we play heaps with balls and toys.  Ninja helps keep score when Lyall and I are playing the Xbox and when mum calls out boys Ninja barks its really funny and we tell her the boy is answering LOL.
I am going to be showing Ninja here in Victoria for the rest of 2012 and I'm hoping to get some babies from him to mine and Lyall's girls.  We might let Mum have a puppy we will see LOL. 
My friend Adam Davidson who has Italian Greyhounds has helped me heaps on how to show Ninja and its paid off with taking out a DCC and RUBOB.
Ninja got Intermediate in show at the Papillon Dog club Victoria in November 2012 under international judge Mrs G Kerr (USA).  
I'm so excited that not only do I get to keep my bud Mr Ninja but Margaret and Dean have given me co ownership of Ninja.  That means Ninja gets to stay with me forever and I love it because we are best buds.

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Corinne O'Connell
Newcastle, NSW, Australia
Phone : 0411707693
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